What is water? Define water.


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Cloud urine.

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Hi Didge. Would we get drunk if we ate clouds then?
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I'll get back to you on that. Since I live in the mountains -- albeit the foothills -- I'll go out and sniff heavily next time there's a low cloud and let you know if it works.
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Water is the basic component of ice and, as we all know, polar ice is the only thing stopping global warming becoming an instant catastrophe.

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Dihydrogen oxide.

A universal solvent (every time you drink a glass of water you are drinking some of the glass as well).

Where life developed (probably).

Arrived on Earth from comets during the "Late heavy bombardment", (probably)

Ideal for the manufacture of tea.

90% of a tomato.

78% of you.

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I was asked for a definition.. I did that in two words in my first sentence. The other stuff was intended to make it interesting (for some definitions of "interesting").
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That would be dihydrogen monoxide Ray!

The formula name for water that is never used, except in GB I suppose!

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