I was out in the woods in Illinois, and I found this plant that looks a lot like wild cannabis, but it has only 5 leaves and has no smell and the veins are a bit disorderly, but everything else looks exactly the same, how can I tell if it is pot?


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Probably some type of


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Ask the guy named Hippy!
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I would think so. Notice the woodiness of some of those stems. We used to have the remnants of large cannabis plants ( for hemp growth ) where I grew up. Rather tall, but no woodiness in the stems. The difference between monocots and dicots.
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There's a Hibiscus with red leaves that are shaped more like weed leaves than this one.
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Why would you care?

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This is what it looks like, it's a bit dried out because it had been sitting on the table while I was trying to look it up. It has no woody stems, and I care because my neighbor has an outside cat and I don't want him getting into it if it is dangerous. And yeah I've head that near Peoria there's old hemp places from WW2. I just want to identify it :)

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It is not cannabis, cannabis's leaves are thinner and have absolutely another form. If you ever want to test out good marijuana, go to a legal dispensary and try to purchase some. Start with a medical marijuana, preferably with a dry herb vape pen vaporizer like Yocan Evolve D Plus .

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