the atlantic hurricane season starts at 12:01 am tonite are u ready for a storm? i know im not and here in tx we already had enough rain.


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Everyone worries about California and their earthquakes but I guess I am an oddball. Yah I think about them but I think being in a hurricane or tornado and KNOWING it is coming would have me hiding somewhere clung to your extra large mason jar! O_O

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For the most part yes. With the holiday last weekend bottled water was on sale, so we stocked up. We ordered new lanterns a few months ago, and we always have extra batteries. We have an extra propane tank so we can still cook should the power go out. We are putting a shed in and once it is here we can get plywood for the windows. The only thing left, should a big storm come, would be ice and prescriptions.

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otis campbell
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my sister spent five grand on a generator for her entire house. she rode out ike with ac and lights on for weeks while everyone suffered
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My brother and his wife had one at their last house, but their power often went out during a normal summer storm. I thought about getting one where I live now, but there is nowhere to put it on my property.
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I'm in Tennessee, about the most we get from hurricanes is some leftover rain. We do get quite a bit of tornadoes though.

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