what happens when salt is added to raw mango pieces?


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Mark Mottian answered 7/2/2011

Salt behaves very deliquescent (having a strong affinity for moisture) due to the magnesium chloride, which acts as an impurity. Henceforth, when salt is applied to raw mango, the salt will absorb the juices from the mango due to the regular propensity of water to move to an area of high solute to equilibrate the concentration. In laymen's terms, the water level on the surface of the mango will deplete and somewhat dehydrate the fruit, making it relatively hard and dry.

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Although Rooster is correct, but in the short term (I.e. Just before you eat it) it can make most fruits taste sweeter 

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Hi I was going to say that when I saw this question before Rooster posted. But I didn't think it was the "correct" comment. LOL ūüźĚ
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I've done this occasionally over the years.  I've always been pleased with the result, but never knew why.

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