Future could we genetic engineering our kids to have fish tails like a mermaid or to have the beauty of a goddess or wings like a fairy or anything you can imagine?


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Eats more popcorn....

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Maybe, but not for a very very long time.  We can genetically alter our kids DNA now to lower the likelihood of them getting genetic diseases such as cancer (or ones that can be genetic) if they have it in their genome, but I'm not sure if it is commercially available yet, or how long we have to wait.  As for giving them animal parts, I hope that the generations who can do that (if it's possible) sit down and seriously think about the mortality of that.

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IIRC ... there was a news story that we can now mix the DNA of two mothers, so when the egg is fertilized it has far less chance of any genetic "abnormalities". But I think the US government has put a ban on it.
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Hold on to your genders with all of your heart,

for in the future there is only one.

No more procreation.

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