If different species experience time differently to us, (for example flies), does time truly exist, and if so what is it's purpose?


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Time is the relationship of things that change.

The Physics (Greek: Φυσικὴ ἀκρόασις Phusike akroasis; Latin: Physica, or Physicae Auscultationes, meaning "lectures on nature") of Aristotle is one of the foundational books of Western science and philosophy.

deals with the nature of physical reality.

Aristotle also wrote The Metaphysics (Meta is Greek for "beyond.")

Maybe Aristotle thought that just knowing "physics" wasn't enough.

(And it helps considerably if you are familiar with both concepts---at least if you want to say something meaningful.)

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I'm not buying that a neurotransmitter explains anything that involves the intellect and / or the will. They are properties of the soul and thus "non-material."

Love is an act of the will.

The pleasant bodily feelings of "being in love" may well be the results of a neurotransmitter "storm," buy love by its nature has a dimension that is not subject to scientific measurement.
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. . . and yet we can interact with them. You have a car accident victim with brain damage that knows whom his wife IS, yet not have feelings for her . . . This is not a theory Thomas, it is what we see . . . no "buying" needed my friend.
We can affect the happy good natured person, and find them wanting to commit suicide simply because a drug altered their chemical balance . . . Can our neurotransmitters "Re-Route"? . . . Absolutely given an appropriate amount of time, but it is certainly nothing to do with "Willing" it to do so.
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You can evoke responses with stimuli. You can see the same thing at times when certain animals die.

The intellect and the will are functions of an immortal soul.

The fact that you can mimic their actions because you have defined them so they can be "tested" by science and correlated to indicate that they are subject to scientific purview may please you.

The problem with Occam's razor is that it makes one think a Rolls Royce is "just" a car.

And as I've said before, I can't live in a small world.
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Past, Present, and Future all coincide.

Its the human condition that seperates.

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Dear Pea Nuts,

No, time does not truly exist, time is completely relative no independent existence, we invented it.

* * *

And one of those great theoretical physicists said the purpose of time is to keep everything from happening all at once.

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