Have they found any human skulls in the Americas that are even older than luzia yet?


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Dear Anon,

As far as I can find Luzia is either the oldest or second oldest, both within a thousand or two thousand years of each other...

But I personally am guessing it is only a matter of time; I did find this quite fascinating provocative sentence for example:

"Charcoal, a chipped stone stool and scraps of food found recently, however, have been dated at 40,000 years old...

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
You found a fascinating video about the genetic evidence they traveled down the Americas...I learned good things
Corley  Walsh
Corley Walsh commented
Yeah it was surprising how they started out looking just like the related Australian Aboriginal people and then evolved to their current morphology
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
That series of videos (which you located) taught me a lot, too. that you cannot rely on the morphology so much, because bone structure changes so much over time. Genetics apparently better

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