Im tired of people not taking responsibility when their kid or dog or cat is in the back seat of a car. These people want to force alarms to be in cars. What did we have in the 60s 70s 80s ???? If it is hot look for your kid or animal!


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IMO they know. I feel they're tired of the child 😔 or animal and it's a free get out of jail and a way to dispose of them. Very sad and heartbreaking for me😦.

Update: You remember your cell, your groceries, your shopping, your grooming, your stressful job, your car wash, your whatever. 

You can remember YOUR BABY.

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I'm not sure why people are so obsessed with having a kid or having an animal, Otis, when they are so obviously so concerned about their phone or how their hair looks to pay attention to them.

The latest nitwit was a young mother who left her infant daughter in the car, windows rolled up, while she and her aunt ate pizza. When the aunt asked where the baby was, she said, "Well, she was sleeping, I didn't want to wake her up so I left her in the car." As far as I know the baby did not die but it was close. Her core temp was 99.9 degrees.

Who thinks this is a good idea?

We were never forgotten and left in the car. However, back in the olden days, we were left in the car when my mother went grocery shopping. We had strict instructions not to leave the car to go play. We sat quietly with our books, the car doors were open and we knew that any number of people could have helped us if we were in distress. We weren't the only family doing this. Saturdays spent at the grocery stores, you could see all your classmates sitting in their cars too waiting for their parents to finish.

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I don't get it either. I think part of the problem is no one is taught to think for themselves. They expect so much to be done for them. In schools they don't have to know the answers to tests, they can use their smart phones to look up the answers. I have noticed if there are two sets of doors, one automatic and one you have to push, people will go out the automatic one, even if there is a line to use it. People don't want to think about the simplest things anymore.

I have also seen videos for people with children to put their purse or briefcase on the backseat floorboard, so you have to look in the back to get it out, and then you will notice your child. But there are those people who unload the groceries before their kid and end up leaving the kid in the car. Kids go in FIRST! I hate to hear "I didn't want to wake them." Really? How come I see people carrying sleeping kids all the time and nothing wakes them?

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Well, of course it is unconscionable.

Some people are just dense.  There are probably some less than honorable mistakes as has been suggested---we humans can act pretty wacko at times.

On the other hand, when our youngest boy was diagnosed with ADHD (at the same time I was); we subscribed to a monthly newsletter that had a number of articles and stories each issue.

One issue had the story of a mother who constantly would leave a medication that she had to take lying around---a dose that she intended to take, but got distracted, and left the pills on the table.

He husband frequently found them and talked to his wife about the danger of continuing to leave them around, but she was unable to deal with her ADHD in that area.

Subsequently, their toddler ingested them.  It was a fatal mistake.

Unacceptable, of course, but how does one judge her?

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This sickens me! Aside from all the answers you already got..... DON'T PEOPLE REALIZE (OR EVEN THINK THAT) IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND FOR THAT CHILD TO BE KIDNAPPED OR THE CAR TO GET STOLEN! If the parent isn't thinking about getting a sleeping baby in the house or store.... Don't they think about kidnapping? Or am I just seriously a worry wort!?! :0(

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