Do you drink "Tap Water"?


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Nope, it's filtered first.

When I lived in Big Bear, I did. The water from the tap was both very cold and very tasty.

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Mountain Man answered

I do at home. I have a well that is tapped into a spring. I also have a water filtration system that removes bacteria, iron and calcium. It also has  a water softener. When I'm in town I don't drink tap water because it taste like chlorine.

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Sure do. That's why I haven't dried up and blown away.

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John McCann answered

Of course.

Factually speaking most municipal tap waters are quite drinkable and healthy for you. Some do taste bad but that is few and far between. The Flint debacle is a rare occurrence.

Only suckers drink bottled water! You may be paying for either municipal water or water that could be contaminated.

Plenty of truth out there.

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Nina Nina answered

Yes I do, and the water in my city is very safe to drink without a filter and has won the best tasting water award multiple times.

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Abigail Connor answered

My town has a big sulfur river, is an old mining town, and no water tower here or in any of the surrounding towns, so I'm not sure where we get the tap water from. Needless to say, I use a filter.

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Levi F. answered

I rarely rink straight from the tap. I almost always drink water filtered through the refrigerator or with a Brita pitcher.

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I usually drink the filtered water from our refrigerator.  But the tap water in my area is pretty good; I sometimes take a few sips.

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When I lived in Midland, Texas, if you drank the tap water, you could be assured of having your teeth turn brown as a result of the crap in the water. Now I live in Omaha, the water's fine out of the tap.

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