What mental illness/illnesses do you struggle with? I have depression, Multiple Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Social Anxiety.~ Alice X. R.


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Bi polar sever depression all i can say it does get better. Doctors have some good meds to treat u

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I feel for you my friend. :0)
Iryna Che
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I also suffered from depression before, constantly felt anxious, closed in myself. A very difficult period of my life. I went to a psychologist, took nootropicboost.com, completely changed my life
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I used  to get really bad panic  attacks to the point I felt like I was having a heart attack and couldn't breathe... One of my coworkers  at the time drove me to my doctor and he prescribed me this little pill to stick under my tongue to calm me down ... But he also knew I was dealing with someone else's illness at the time ... He's an old school doctor and he said ..." Sometimes people get dealt shizatty cards ... You and him got dealt a shizitty card. It's no ones  fault and it's not fair .. But it is what it is ... You can fall apart .. Or you can pull yourself together and take care of what you need to take care of"   ... I never needed to take one of those pills and I never had another panic attack again ... I did have a mental breakdown in the beginning of this year though ... But that's another story :) I'm much better now :) anyway ... It's okay not to be okay sometimes as long as you can find a way to pull yourself back up ... Cos I said so :)

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Virginia Lou
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Hippy you definitely kindred spirit!
Ancient Hippy
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I could tell that we were when we first met Virginia. I always look forward to and love your answers. Seems like we were raised in the same mental commune.
Virginia Lou
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Hippy...when you were posting about the Hallowe'en party... the favourite holiday of your wife...such a timeless feeling came over me... how we love, and lose...and just go on in life, find a way to be happy and make it work...never forgetting those we love... she was/is the love of your life I feel sure, and will never end... but we go on, and we live...and truly take delight.
Lots of nice things about getting old...
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I have depression and ADHD but the ADHD doesn't affect me anymore

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