This past week has been cooler here in south east texas and then today back over 100f what's the temp where your at?send me ice


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Woof Woofy answered

its a nice 19 degrees celcius outside.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Otis,

Here in these raincoast sylvan prairies, it is currently 66*F at 4:15 PM...too cool for me...but sunny, so going out soon for a walk get warmed up...

You please keep thinking about Boston, Buddy...maybe in the springtime?

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Skip Gentry answered

A nice day today, it's 80 degrees.

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Ancient Hippy answered

High 80'sF-low 90'sF today here in PA with super high humidity. Just miserable outside.

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SuperFly Original
yeah it really is jesus i hate the humidity
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
We had a nice breeze blowing but it was so humid that it didn't help at all.
SuperFly Original
the stairs get much higher too... all the way up there?! now that the ac is on its not too bad inside like that. Too bad but it looks just as bad for tomorrow
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18.3C/64.94F, but it's supposed to heat up later today

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It was 92 here today. Cooler than it has been, bit still rather warm. Last week I was in the mountains in NC and their highs (mid 70s) were about what the lows are here,

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Where I am at it got up to 102! And yes Otis, it was nice to have the 75 degree weather it teased us with last week! Pfft! At least it's suppose to go down to the 80's.

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