Do you believe in life in the universe? Go to my survey to answer!


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There are two ways to address this:

1) Yes, we are here, are we not? No belief required.

2) Mathematically, the odds of life elsewhere in the universe are good, though the distances are too great for us to interact.

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Believe? Of course not. But when you consider the variety of life on this tiny planet of ours it would seem bloody amazing if life didn't exist in some form, somewhere among the stars.

I once interviewed the director of an Australian observatory for a radio program and she said that she had been involved in SETI (the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) but had switched her endeavours to SETL (the search for extra-terrestrial life). She'd have settled on microbes. The lack of success of researchers doesn't mean there's nothing out there; rather it's limited by the vast distances involved.

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Did you post this anywhere else I am always curious what other little niches on the Internet exist.

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I answered your survey for you. Of course there is life out there other than ours ! They've been here before !

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