Todays word is booing booing. U define it??


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What I do when Hillary Clinton takes the stage.

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Dear Otis,

"Booing booing" is simply your double amount of booing...and booing is a pyramid scheme of sorts except it's really wonderful.

In the weeks leading up to Hallowe'en, you leave treats on your neighbor's porch with a note telling they have been 'booed,' and asking them to pass it on.

Pretty soon there is a round robin of treats going around the neighborhood with a wonderful time to be had by all!

So, Otis I have been making Jello shots out of your shine, blue Jello with two blueberries and a cherry, and don't be surprised if you find them on your doorstep now with my "booing-booing" note...

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In US presidential elections one side can usually be found booing the candidate proposed by the other side.

When both candidates are inept or unqualified they are forced to boo their own candidate along with the opponent. So they are booing, booing rather than just booing.

If I was living in the US just now I think I'd buy shares in a pharmaceutical company manufacturing throat lozenges. The booing won't diminish after November 8, no matter who wins.

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Booing someone or some thin' idk.

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