If you could create your dream planet, what would it be like?


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It would be just like Star Trek's Risa, the planet of pleasure.

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It would be a big meatball orbiting it's gas cooker beneath a sky filled with pasta. It would be a planet fit for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, his Monstera, and all the little Monsterlings, to feast eternally with the true believers. R'amen.

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Mmm, now I am hungry! What to have for LUNCH....
Didge Doo
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If it's still Friday (the Pastafarian sabbath) true believers eat only pasta for lunch. Still leaves plenty of choices.
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All hail the flying spaghetti monster! Put on your pasta collanders!
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Hmm... Probably a planet with thousands of resources, and abundant life. And one that isn't  a dump like the one we have now. One unspoiled, calm, unpolluted.

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More animals, less people

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Mostly forests with lots of rivers and lakes full of fish.

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I was going to say .. A place of peace, a place where there is no pain, no hunger, no imbalance .. But, then I got to thinking .. We already had that, and we messed it up .. So what's the point.

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It would be a giant floating blob of water where microraptors are aquatic and where people grow useless wings

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