What should be included in a scientific hypothesis because I NEED help. My mentor says that it's wrong an i've tried a billion things?


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A scientific hypothesis is simply an if...then statement. Perhaps you are caught up in thinking a hypothesis is a question. This is a common mistake that many people make, some times repeatedly.

If such and such a disease is genetic in nature then we should possibly be able to find the contributory gene(s) in the genome.

That simple and no question mark.

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I'm glad Grace is home !! FYI my middle name is Grace so you totally named your dog after me before we met :) that's a scientifical fact :p are you feeling well scientifically ? You said you were going to hospital... no ?
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You know what's really weird scientifically speaking of course ? When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in his early 30's I really hated when people only talked to us about his illness ... I hated it so much cos I felt like people were walking on eggshells around us and that annoyed me sooo much :) but I also hated when people completly pretended it wasn't there as well :/ so my square root of that hypothesis is that..... I really don't have.a freakin' clue then :)
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I am very tired so I will leave this message on my in box list and get back to you tomorrow

Stay scientifical until then! : D.

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