What is your opinion on playing in the rain? Do you think it's fun or a recipe for getting sick?


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Janis Haskell answered

We always liked playing in the rain as kids .... We never melted or got sick from getting wet.

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
THIS is what I will be looking forward to seeing next time it rains! :0)
Thank you dearly my friend. :0)
Pepper pot
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Great picture
Megan Fisk
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Getting cold/wet won't actually make you sick, you will get hypothermia at worst, enjoy the rain! its the only time you can have a shower with your friends ;P
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Virginia Lou answered

Well Dear Y&Y,

Where I live in the Pacific Northwest raincoast, yours is pretty much a question of playing in the rain or playing in the house...

So yes, the kids here are all somewhat inoculated/immune to rain.

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
LOL! Well I do have a reason for my phobia's. Jr is child number four. When my daughter (number three) was 13 days old we almost lost her. We ended up being in the San Diego Children's hospital for 7 days. It was the most scariest thing ever that week, that fear. It turned out to be a virus that all the research I did said could have been prevented by simple hand washing (but she got it from the hospital where she was born.) Anyways, I developed a bit of OCD and obsessively began washing my hands and using hand sanitizer's. The Lord has been slowly healing me of it and with Jr..... well like I said I gotta pick and chose my battles and dirt is no longer a threat! LOLOLOLOL! I love Jesus!!!! :0)
Virginia Lou
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Oh...oh...oh...understood, THAT is just terrifying...little precious helpless beings...depending on us.
Yin And Yang
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Yes. I was the one who saw her turn blue on the table and have the nurses call a code blue and have the doctors rush in pushing me out of the door way to get to her. Thank GOD I was at a "weight check" appointment because the doctors didn't believe me when I said my baby was sick THREE times prior to this particular appointment! What would have happened had I not listened to my spirit or gut tell me to keep taking her to the doctor!?! A "normal" person would have listened to the first three doctors telling me she was fine..... but I knew she wasn't! :0(
But thankfully she will be 10 in February and all that is behind me. She don't remember the incident but I sure do and so do my cracked hands. LOL! No for real, I am getting better. I HAD to. I began to realize that the more I washed my hands and the more they cracked, the more I had open "sores" on my hands which DID expose me to getting germs! LOLOLOL!
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

When we have rain? I sure try to enjoy it !

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Yin And Yang
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LOLOL! Yes thank you kindly! :0)
My husband was doing some yard work and it got "too quiet" so I checked on Jr and he was outside having a blast in the dirt and "helping" put the debris in the green trash. Then it began to rain a little and I went to go get him and my husband said "he is fine. We use to play in the rain all of the time." So I told him he gets to clean up Jr after this kind of play! LOL! But as I was sitting here, I was worrying if he was gonna catch a bug when I should have been enjoying my Blurtit!!! :0)
Didge Doo
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Loved the movie, Rooster.
Jann Nikka
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Me 3
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Danae Hitch answered

If the weather is cold or chilly and windy while it's raining, then I will pull the kid inside. However, other than that, let them play in the rain. Put a mat down right inside the door - have towels at the ready - and throw an empty bucket outside for the kids to play with. It's the best smell there is, especially when you live in the south where it never rains.

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Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
Kids, especially nowadays have so few uninhibited moments as they seem to be so scheduled. So what if they play in the mud and get filthy? They are usually easier to wash than, say, stuffed animals. The pure joy you see on their face when they tilt their face to the sky to catch the raindrops - pure bliss!
Yin And Yang
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THAT is something I am looking forward to now next time it rains! :0)
Danae Hitch
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Ancient Hippy answered

I used to run and play in the rain when I was much younger but only in the summer. Winter rain is kind of solid.

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PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

If you are healthy then playing in the rain is fine. If you already have the sniffles, it is a recipe for a bigger illness.

Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

I love walking in the rain, especially if it's really pelting down.

C.S.Lewis once pointed out that people who don't like being out in the rain probably had mothers who wouldn't let them play in it when they were kids.

Go for it!

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Yin And Yang
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Awe!!!! You are so sweet Didge! You are giving me a tooth ache! :0) LOL!
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I meant that there are lots of people who also don't like going out in the rain.
Yin And Yang
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OHHHHHHHHH! Well now don't I feel silly! LOL! Yin hides under the desk in embarrassment.....
dragonfly forty-six Profile

I love playing in the rain!

A happy childhood memory is my father and I laughing and playing in the rain. I rarely give that man much credit, but he did teach me to keep in touch with my inner child.

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Pepper pot answered

When it's warm and there's a thunderstorm to boot. Fantastic feeling.

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Sigmund Freud answered

It is a common misconception that rain - or playing in the rain - may make you sick. Only if you come in contact with a virus, can you become ill with e.g. A cold. Playing outside may make you more susceptible to bacteria/viruses and cold temperatures can cause your body more stress but, other than that the rain or water itself will not make you ill. Case in point, I love playing in the rain :). The smell of rain and the serenity of the outdoors creates such a perfect calming environment. Even if I'm not outside I love looking at the rain fall with some hot cocoa indoors!

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Yin And Yang
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Thank you kindly. I was thinking that as well cuz I heard it when asked about going outside with wet hair. LOL! I am trying to appreciate the rain a little better. Thank you again for the visual. :0)
Sigmund Freud
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No problem :)
Yin And Yang
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KB Baldwin answered

I usually like top walk in the rain.  In high school I walked about a mile each way, rain or shine, and l learned to appreciate it.  When in the Navy in San Diego I would take really long walks in the rain and dark.  The rains they have there were wonderful - just a very light drizzle - you could walk for miles and never get really soaked. 

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Yin And Yang
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We like going to San Diego when we go to the beach. It is very nice out there. I have never been in San Diego's rain but our Pastor is from there so I hear stories of how beautiful the weather is out there. :0)
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Lilly Gray answered
Rain makes you act spontaneous!! You run around and laugh and have fun. I wouldn't say it's a recipe for getting sick but instead a beautiful memory being made!! On a more serious note, dancing and playing in the rain proves you've let go of something. And it's absolutely beautiful.

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