Is not being able to form a mental image of anything bad?


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It ain't good. I've had this problem all my life and tend to resort to word pictures rather than mental images. I occasionally manage to picture something but it's rare.

This came up a couple of months ago. I was surprised to learn that many people share the same problem. I always put it down to something lacking in my imagination.

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Not really. My husband really can't do it. I have to draw pictures when I am explaining things to him. He on the other hand is very good at "book smarts", which are things that give me a headache when I try to think them out. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

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I don't know. No I guess its not bad.

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I'm so used to being in my own little world that I never actually thought about this, but I assume not. You might have some difficulty in certain social situations, but otherwise I see nothing "bad" with it. Though thanks for introducing me to the subject. Maybe something similar is the reason some people pick up art faster than others?

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Hi Aldrich,

I have been experimenting with letting go of words, and my thoughts form as mental concepts just assembling themselves...

Regarding your fascinating question, maybe it is not even all that common to form lots of mental images. Temple Grandin, Ph.D. who is autistic and whose superb work with cattle depends on her autistic manner of seeing, she wrote a book called THINKING IN PICTURES. 

Maybe it was DarkMajinn who recently mentioned the fascinating potential for understanding the brain in the coming decades.

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