I can't talk to ppl at my office. It's my first job ever! I can't seem to connect with anybody at all. Could you plz suggest some tips to feel more open around everyone or atleast make few of them like me or talk to me! Thanks to anyone who replies:)?


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Danae Hitch answered

Manners will get you far, my friend. If someone speaks to you, then respond with a smile and answer them politely. If you share a cubicle, then speak to your coworker when you come in. If someone asks you to do something, smile and say that you'll be happy to.

Listen to what others are talking about when they chat with one another. That will give you a sense of what their interests are.

Never repeat gossip. It will kill you quicker than you would think, being as you're a new person to the company. You want to be a part of the company - you're not there to cause dissention in the ranks. Good luck.

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Pepper pot answered

Listen to their topics of discussion and take an interest, try to avoid politics and religion.  People normally want light hearted chit chat as work is a chore as it is.

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