Have You Ever Purchased Diamond From Glowstar Diamond?


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Danae Hitch answered

O my goodness, YES! All the time - whoooo, they are the BEST!

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Dumb Goat answered

I don't purchase diamonds because diamonds in themselves aren't worth what they actually are.

Here's why diamonds are a rip off:

1. The only reason why society likes diamonds is because of a successful marketing campaign that began in 1938. It is not actually the best or prettiest gemstone as tradition would have you say.

2. In fact, a cheaper gemstone, which is similar to diamonds in hardness, actually is rated as a finer gemstone with more shine, it is called Moissanite. It is brighter, more lusterious, and has more fire than a diamond. The Moissanite industry, because there isn't large and overrated demand for it,  the industry is less corrupt. Here is an image of a labratory test comparing the brilliance of these two gemstones:

3. It is not a financial-wise decision. Selling diamond jewlery you've already bought, you will not get anywhere near the price you paid for it.

4. They're literally just pretty rocks.

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Call me Z answered

No, and the evil DeBeers cartel never got my money either -- my wife's engagement ring is an heirloom. The only sane reason to ever buy diamonds is on cutting and grinding tools. 

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