How do you deal with unwelcome guests or people who are wasting your time?


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Friends and family are always welcome at my house. Sales people, or those pushing their religion are not. For them I simply don't answer and let my dogs bark and jump at the front door. When they see Skully jumping about three feet off the ground in the windows next to the door they usually leave fairly quickly.

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Call me Z answered

I long ago abandoned any pretense of mincing words with people, particularly those upon whom such efforts are wasted. My time is too valuable. 

Wasting my time: I have found abruptly excusing myself, never to return, as an effective method. Invoking the words "I see", in the context of cutting off idiotic prattle has been effective. Derisive laughter is useful too.

Unwelcome guests (especially in my home) are shown even less consideration. "Time for you to leave" usually precedes "or get thrown TF out"; my many years of martial training will leave no doubts as to the imminent possibility of the latter.

Admittedly, this has only happened on three occasions.

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Janis Haskell answered

I'm not afraid to say "This isn't a good time; I need to get going."

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Tom Jackson answered

I just scroll past their questions.

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Hmm. I have found that if you don't speak with people, they won't speak with you either (unless they have a question or you're helping them with something, which I don't consider either to be a waste of my time.) so I don't really have much trouble with people bothering me. In the cases where someone is trying to sell me something, I just walk away without responding.

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I just show them the door, and give them a boot to help them on their way.  LOL

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Unwelcome guest, don't open the door, if possible send a text tell them you  are busy for the next 4 hrs and you're text them when you're finished. Text them in 5 hrs you were very busy.

Time Wasters: Same advise, modify to fit your schedule. Always tell them you have "something" to do and leave. Then do "something" go to Starbucks, mall, park, ice cream or go home, listen to music. LOL LOL

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I don't open the door.

With people wasting my time, "I'm not interested thank you, bye"

Alternatively you can have some fun with them if on the telephone...







"Hello, there's nobody there," (put the phone down).


"Hello" (me)

"Hello, could I speak to Pepper Pot?"

"Yes, hold on a moment" (then leave the phone on the side).

They hang up eventually.

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"I have a chapter of Maths questions due tomorrow, and I still have about half the chapter to go, so I'd better do that."  Usually that works.  Most of the time that's true, but it's the best excuse to get out of things I don't want to do.

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I know. Sometimes I feel like a caged animal in my own home. Torn between being a good hostess and getting stuff done. I usually try subtle hints like looking repetitively at my wrist watch. Yawning also works.  Quite by accident, I've discovered a mild domestic disagreement with my significant sends most guest running.

I've had times where I just dangle my car keys telling them I had to leave.

On the phone, I end a call quicker by telling them that I have something to do and ask if they have anything quickly to add before I need to go.

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I am always kind towards guests whether I like them or not. I was taught to be a good host.
However, for people who are wasting my time at my workplace or anywhere else, I
simply make an excuse and go away. For instance, I may tell them that I need to
go somewhere quickly and that
I am already late.

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