If you're stuck in the forest, how would you survive for 5 days?


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Since I always carry a gun and sufficient ammo so food isn't a problem. Shelter is easy to build unless your in the desert.  Fire is easy, tinder,  gun powder, flint or steal. Water may be an issue you can get some by wringing out you tented clothes in the morning  bad comes to worse it is either  drinking your own urine, or the blood of the animal you killed.  If the are bears in the area the old adage is to have your least likeld friend with you and a 25 cal pistol  if chased by a bear you can't out run the bear but your least liked friend will run slower than the you with a 25 cal woud to his kneecap.  Just kidding!

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Make fire, build a shelter, hunt for food and water.

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Tom  Jackson
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Why not just order pizza and beer? Nothing in the question suggests that you are actually lost.
Ancient Hippy
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Well that's true. I'll order a pizza, beer, camping trailer and might as well order some exotic dancers and a band too. This could turn out to be a fun time.
Tom  Jackson
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Got lemons---> make lemonade
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If you look closely around you will find there is more life in the forest and if you want you can live there forever away concrete jungle.

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Initially, after a good cry my survival instincts would kick in. Priority would be a shelter and a fire for the night. Morning would be the search for water.

Mud plastered on me for bug protection. 

If I decided to travel from my inital camp, I would mark trees along my search. This would aid my rescue searchers and prevent me from traveling in circles which happens a lot when lost. I would make a walking stick and use it in my journey both for protection and steadiness in travel.

Blueberries would be like gold.I heard bullrushes are edible. I am naive about other wild vegetation that is safe to eat. ( great diet and exercise plan ).

I would travel downhill in hope of finding a lake or river system.

Did I mention crying ?

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Hi, maybe I will eat fruits found in the forest for the
first two days. But I do not think that I will be able to survive if I am
alone. However, if I am accompanied by my friends, I guess it would be fun and
I can stay there for longer.

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