Consider seriously, what is the most precious trait of humanity, one that should be more evident in all of us?


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The Bible says " do unto others as you would have done unto yourself..." Whether you are religious or not, I think it rings true as a great virtue to follow.

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Compassion. From that follows sympathy. It's seriously underrated, I think. It's so difficult to imagine yourself in someone else's shoes, but if you could just try to do that, so many issues would be solved before they become major issues.

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The capacity to reason. It is from this that we can discern and change the world around us.

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Tom  Jackson
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Unfortunately, it seems that 99+% of humans consider themselves to be "logicians."

I would like to meet one of those 99+% before I die---I would love to know how they came to that conclusion.
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I think many overestimate the merit of their own logic.
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A kind and measured observation---
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Call me Z
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Perhaps 'ambition' might be a preferable term?
The need or drive to acquire?
Could this be a synthesis of pride and and want?
Not seeing the virtue here. Help me out.
carlos Striker
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Virtue has no place? In an intense world no matter how one starts the intensity will raise the bar, it is like an addiction, need and greed will dictates terms throwing norms and guiles to the wind?
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Is English your first language, Carlos?

I don't see the virtue of avariciousness, (the simpler form of 'avarice' means the same thing) explained in your comments.

Greed/gluttony are among what are called the seven deadly sins; while I hold no regard for the faith concept of "sin", its clear these traits are not generally considered good ones.

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