Back in the 1950's, Tony Bennett famously left his heart in San Francisco (where it's now paying ridiculous rent), where can you say your heart is?

(Please, something other than "in my chest")


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Otis Campbell answered

I love austin tx. I lived their for four yrs wish i could afford to move their again but rent is high great city

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Mountain Man answered

Although my heart has had a long desire to at least visit Alaska, it hasn't yet. So it remains right here with me where I've lived all my life and in the surroundings I've never cared to leave. And where property taxes are not outrageously high compared to others.

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Call me Z answered

For me, it's Ravello, Italy. My stepfather brought me there as a youth, and I have taken my own family back 3 times.

If it weren't for the peculiar politics, I'd live there now. But if certain trends continue here in the US, emigration is on the table.

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Janis Haskell answered

The Big Bear mountains and forest.

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Yin And Yang answered

My friend, Z. This is a great question. My answer is a tad bit different so please bear with me. ☺. The younger Yin and Yang ran a muck in the town we use to live in. But life has a way of throwing you curve balls and we ended up in the town we are in now. It is not pretty. It has no "attraction" for tourists. Heck I am not even sure the people are the "greatest" or "friendliest" but this is where our home Church is and my heart, my kids hearts, Yang's heart is here. One day we might move to Montana but my heart will always be at the middle school we meet at every Sunday morning! Lol! 😉

dragonfly forty-six Profile

I am blessed to live in the area I was born and raised in. I love it here. This is my heart.

However, sometimes my heart yearns to go back to those places I fell in love with. There are places on the East coast that still haunt me to this day.

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Unlike most folks, due to my upbringing, no physical location or geographical area can lay claim to my heart. In actuality my heart is in the same place where I hang my hat.

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I have a  fickle heart. I live 15 miles from where I grew up and love it the area. It is a great "home base" for me. But deep down I have a traveling heart. I am my happiest when I get to see new sights and meet new people.

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Well...uhm... San Francisco!

My first job after college was there, the first apartment I rented on my own was there, the first house I bought which I'm renting now is there, and if my current job isn't down the street from where I am now I would still be up there.

It's where I learned how to be an adult. How I encountered and learn about so many cultures and different people. How I developed compassion for others. How to survive on a penny. How to make a penny. The culture, education, business, technology, FOOOD, ETC.

You know a city is great when you can have an amazing time just walking around. It's not something tourists would understand, because most tourist just follow the same Fisherman Wharf  to Golden Gate track.

If you find a line of locals waiting 30 minutes for something, you better believe it's worth the wait.  If it's for gelato ice cream, I'm probably in that line by Dolores Park at Bi-Rite after my jog. And you can tell locals from tourists based on how fit people are. SF locals do A LOT of walking/jogging.

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Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher commented
Everyone goes wine tasting in Napa, but how about CHEESE tasting in Sonoma? On the top of my mind, if you like beer and flamenco music you should try the Thirsty Bear on Howard Street. OR Cellarmaker. Bourbon and Branch if you love cocktails. I'd call Muir Woods a forest cathedral but it gets really crowded but Big Basin can be just as enchanting. I highly suggest the California Academy of Science in the middle of Golden Gate Park.
Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher commented
Yeah honestly, just tell me what you like and I can tell you where to go.
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
We did the Academy of Science last time. I will look into Big Basin. We will probably do a ghost tour as well.

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