Is Faith a reliable Pathway to Truth?


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Faith yes, religion no.

(I hope I understood the question correctly.)

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Much depends on one’s standard of “Truth”. 

For some, Truth is simply that which resonates most directly with their preconceived views. See Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, et al. 

For others, Truth is what is transmitted to them from trusted elders or figures of presumed authority. See every cult ever. 

In the view of the more skeptical, Truth is that which is supported by evidence or eyewitness experience. Facts. From this position, faith is a default from actually knowing. 

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Truth and fact are only vaguely synonymous. Truth is what one feels coordinates with (their understanding of) reality, yet we arrive at our truths differently, facts notwithstanding. 

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Believe and receive.

Your path is your own.

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faith---complete trust or confidence in something

truth---being in accord with fact or reality

reliabile---able to be believed : Likely to be true or correct

Well, when it comes to the existence of God, I don't really see how one can say it's not.

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Call me Z
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While I don’t disagree with your definitions, could we say truth is being in accord with our perception(s) of fact or reality.
Objective reality being so difficult to agree upon, even the most articulated facts are not immune to different reads.
Tom  Jackson
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Yes,we can.
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Faith in who or what? In established religion? Faith in God or a higher power on a personal level? Yes. No. Humanity in general? No. Faith in my husband? Yes. Faith in most of my friends and family? Yes.

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To give more clarity as tot he origin of the Question:

This Question was one posed to "The Atheist Experience" caller. He had asserted that his particular God did in fact exist, and he believed this to be true based on his faith.

At this point the host (Matt) asked if thought Faith was a reliable path to truth, to which the caller answered "yes" . . . To which the host said something like "Well there are many other religions with many other God beliefs. If you were to ask any of them why they believe in their version of a God/Gods they would tell you Faith. So, if your God is true and their God/Gods are false, is Faith a reliable path to Truth?"

The caller thought for a moment and then said "Yes, sometimes . . ." To which the host said "Well, yes and sometimes no, is NOT reliable . . . Right? . . . In other words it is NOT a reliable pathway to Truth."

So, I think it is fascinating to distinguish our perception of "Truth" when it comes to beliefs in the supernatural entities some choose to worship. While some use Faith as the fuel for their supernatural beliefs others do the same for an entirely different set of supernatural beliefs. In the religious sense Faith and Trust are not totally synonymous since Faith is attributed to those things unseen yet believed to be true, and Trust should be defined more along the lines of actual interaction of some sort . .. Sight, physical experiences, knowledge of workings within our reality.

I will refrain from commenting on other's answers so as not to offend unless directly invited to do so.

I thought the question was intriguing and a cause for deeper thought.

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