How do you change your attitude into something positive? Does being positive makes life easier?


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You make a conscious decision to change it. As for making life easier? You will have to still face all of life's challenges, they just won't drag you down, and can make finding solutions easier.

I have a friend who was always complaining about life. A year ago someone gave her a book about gratitude and positive thinking. One of her biggest complaints was her job. Once she started looking at the positives, she realized it wasn't her job she hated. She actually loved what she did. It was her employer that was the problem. She starting looking around for another place to work. She found one. Not only is the boss better, but the co-workers are happier making for a much better work environment. AND she now makes more money and has better hours.

Focusing on what is good about your life makes it easier to fix what is wrong.

She started her change by starting her day listing 3-5 things was thankful for. She posted them on Facebook. Some friends liked it others complained. Those that complained are not getting much attention nowadays. Those that supported her are. Surrounding yourself with positive people helps. I really enjoyed her positive posts because it made me think about what I am grateful for. 

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I can tell you to "Always look on the Bright side of Life" until I am blue in the face.

How you personally look at the world is not just as simple as you choosing to view the Glass as half full all the time. It takes years of exposure to life with all of its experiences to get you to the world view you currently have right now . . . The idea of simply waking up with a contradictory view one day is just not going to happen. Even with medications bringing up your dopamine and serotonin levels . . . It takes time. . . . A very long time with small changes to even get close.

Start with little goals that you can easily attain and work towards mid-term goals  . . . Then maybe long term goals.

Who told you that you were a negative thinker?

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Google this phrase:  how to change your attitude toward a positive one

Lots of good links---pick a few and read them.

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