What would happen if the nucleus was missing from the animal cell?


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Alexander Roe answered

I believe that the cell would go into complete meltdown. A cell’s powerhouse is its nucleus. Without it, the cell would be useless blobs of matter that waste space.

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Dorothy Jonson answered

Without a nucleus in the cage, nothing will happen. Because this is the most important thing that is in the cage and it is thanks to the nucleus that the world exists. I learned this thanks to edu birdie, I advise you to look too. Biology is very interesting science and it is desirable that everyone understands it

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Ядро исчезает, клетка умирает.

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Jamey Forester answered

Probably it will day because the most part of genes are located in a nucleus.

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Adam Akim answered

Nucleus is the brain of the cell and controls most of its functions. ... Without anucleus, the cell will not know what to do and there would be no cell division. Protein synthesis would either cease or incorrect proteins would be formed. All thiswould result in cell death.

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Rey Tibonik answered

The kernel carries out two groups of general functions: One related to the storage of genetic information, the other - with its implementation, with the provision of protein synthesis. I found this information on the answers to homework and I adhere to that it is trust opinion!

The first group includes the processes associated with maintaining hereditary information in the form of an unchanged DNA structure. These processes are associated with the presence of so-called reparation enzymes that eliminate spontaneous damage to the DNA molecule.

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Jone Davies answered

It usually kills quickly, and a few will continue to exist for a while, but life expectancy will not be long, such as red blood cells.

You have to understand that the role of the nucleus is to regulate and produce. If there is no nucleus, the material production, regulation and growth of the cell will stop immediately. However, since the nucleus has produced biologically active substances, it will still play its simple role. Role but can not regulate, you think red blood cells can understand.

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