Do you think the world will end in a religious way, or in a scientific way?


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Which religion? The Christian vision that a Judean carpenter magically reappears to raise dead Christians to another, eternal world; the Islamic version that a trumpet sounds and cleanses the earth of sin; or the Hindu version of Brahma reborn as Kalki with superhuman powers to destroy the barbarians and re-establish righteousness? 

Any of this really sound plausible to you?

None of these faith versions address the fate of the actual planet (i.e., the world), nor are they supported by any facts. Maybe because the Bronze Age religions that spawned these views knew virtually nothing about the planet, biological life, the cosmos or even the Western Hemisphere.

Scientific - You mean by consequences of natural processes? This is an inevitability. Period. End of line. 

It was the processes of nature (gravity, heat, and time affecting chemical elements) in the cosmos that formed the earth, and enabled life and they will be the forces that bring it’s demise. Human superstitions notwithstanding. 

The ultimate fate OF our planet -the world- does not depend upon the destiny of man nor whatever nonsense he believes (and is the height of pious human ignorance to suggest it does). But man’s fate ON this planet may hinge on the fallout of said nonsense, born of pious ignorance. 

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