How many believe in the Old Farmer's Almanac to go by what the weather will be all year around or other uses? How many have purchased a Old Farmer's Almanac ? I use to purchase one but haven't done so in about 20 years plus now?


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I always check out a copy, when I can, in the Library. I have found its weather predictions are mostly on point for our area.

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Thank you Ancient One for your answer well appreciated :) :) Yeah i often wonder how true they are with the weather , i think my late Grand-dad would go by one cause every Summer even the Summer he passed he made a Garden. He loved living in the Country and they had lot land and he would make a big garden and my Grandma would can things like tomatoes , potatoes, carrots , etc .
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I buy a Farmer's Almanac every year, it has an 80% accuracy rate.

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Every year my grandpa thought a Farmer's Almanac.
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Yeah my Paternal Grand-dad bought one every year and he knew when to put the garden in , he had huge land to make a garden and he believed in growing his vegetables by seed he didn't believe in buying plants . So his Tomatoes, Potatoes etc was all grown by seed.
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I look it up on line. Freaks me out when it's bang on right or even really close to being right.

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Usually pretty point on. Haven’t bought one in years.

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I've bought a couple. But now our local radio station tells us what the almanac is calling for. I'm usually impressed at the accuracy.

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