What aspects of this “festive season” do you enjoy most, and least?


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Willie B. good answered

I am so sick of hearing Christmas music on the radio, I can't wait for that crap to end / I enjoy having all three of my children over for Christmas dinner.

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Mountain Man answered

I really enjoy having my family all together and watching my grandchildren open gifts. I don't enjoy preparing for a holiday three months ahead and paying for it three months after.

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Toni Pauze answered

I love having all the family together.

I don’t like the Christmas season starting in October. Tired of it now.

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Yin And Yang answered

Ask me the same question a year or two ago and my answer would be different. To be honest with you Don... I am enjoying every bit of the season this year. It's like I am alive again. 🤗 I was dead for so long. It's hard to explain. But I'm gonna enjoy it and embrace it and not shy away from it. I am feeling jolly finally. 🤗😊 (and its not just because of my jelly belly!!!! 😅😅😅)

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Most :I enjoy seeing the decorations and lights. Sometimes it's quite creative.  Children opening gifts. ..so adorable.

Least : The weight gain. The average person packs on 7 pounds during the season. The craziness of shopping with crowds.  But it's also so lovely running into friends whilst doing so.

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Don Barzini
Don Barzini commented
You and I both.
But think of it, without holiday weight gain, what would so many of us have left to make New Years resolutions about?
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Janis Haskell answered

I love hearing from friends and family who live far away, and I love sharing special time with the ones who are near.

I don't like the silly controversies over what is PC for the season.  And, by the way, "Baby, It's Cold Outside!"  xoxo

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Don Barzini
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Thanx Miss Janis. PC has done as much harm as good, IMO.
You get it, though. This is a time for celebrating those most dear to us.

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