Did any of you have used a flower delivery service?


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Yes actually my husband likes to send me flowers often. He is very happy with and loyal to 1 800 flowers. We both recommend the flower service 1 800 flowers. They are absolutely beautiful and their service is timely, wonderful and just it's always an all around great experience.

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RefreshMe, lol! Actually when I told him why on earth do you do that!?!?? The flowers just die and they are too expensive. I am not a materialistic kind of person anyways. He told me his secret... he wants his daughters to see how a man is suppose to treat a woman every once in a while just because. He hopes their husbands will treat them the way they see mama being treated. Lol! Suddenly the flowers weren't just something that dies.... I think he is growing something in our girls. 😊
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Omg. How beautiful
~ tears in my eyes ~
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Thank you my friend. 💞
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Take your spam and fake account and get lost troll

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sometimes I have to use such a service, especially on Valentine's Day. I ordered a bouquet of red roses from TFD and I know they are reliable and the flowers stayed fresh almost two weeks after the holiday.

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