What are your thoughts on global warming? Do you believe it is a natural cycle, progressing faster because of human pollution? Do you think we could reverse and prevent more damage if huge corporations stepped in to help?


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It is happening, human activity has been and is adversely affecting whatever natural processes determine earth’s climate. The crisis is real. The seas are rising, the glaciers are melting everywhere and we are experiencing the hottest years on record. Storms and droughts are worse and more frequent around the world.

There is no coherent argument against these points. 

Human overpopulation is a major factor in this and many other blights on this planet, now and yet to come. .

No, a reversal of conditions is not possible now, we can only hope to mitigate the inevitable. And yes, corporations and everyone else living, and able, should be invested in the effort.

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Yes i believe in Global Warming and i believe that Human beings are responsible for it happening . Look how many places experience forest fires that destroy millions of homes, businesses. I believe Global Warming has been happening for years.

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Cliamtic changes are inevitable. Warming or cooling just a hype. There has been so much changes nobody keeps track, just make hue and cry.

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Have you never heard of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration?

Why remain so ignorant?

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