Has your home or any of it's contents ever been damaged by a close lightning strike?


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This is the second time since I've lived here I've lost some appliances. This tree behind the garage was struck and it jumped to the garage and house. You can see the bark missing from the trunk to the tip of a branch. It even plowed up some of the tree roots. The bark is knocked loose from the tree. I'll have to cut the tree down.

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No Mountain Man but that is scary!

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I'm glad nobody was outside.
I've never experienced an earthquake. I'm sure that is scary too. I hope things settle down out there.
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Yes no earthquake felt today! Lol! Thank you Jesus!
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No lightning strikes to my house but I had a tree fall on the back of my house and then three years after that another tree fell on my garage, thank God for homeowners insurance, was almost like hitting the lottery I got two new roofs out of it

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Once it took out a couple kitchen appliances and the AC/Heating unit.

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Sorry you lost appliances. I know that is a pain to go through replacing them. Central Florida is the lightning capital of the US. Over the years we have lost a couple of refrigerators, several TVs, an air conditioner, a smoke detector, and 3 wells. Actually 2 well pumps and one well shaft that cracked.

My mom has had a chunk taken out of her concrete block house from a lighting strike. That took awhile to fix because we couldn't find anyone who knew how to fix it. My brother finally figured it out. He had to make a form using two 1" × 12" boards and bracing them against the house and pouring the concrete in.

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I thought our well pump got fried but fortunately it was just a capacitor from the control box in the basement that blew apart. Much cheaper and easier than the pump to fix.
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That is so scary. Fortunately, nothing has ever been damaged
by a lightning strike at mine. However, whenever the weather is bad and I can
hear thunder, I make sure to unplug electrical appliances such as the TV, my
laptop and even my phone charger. I am too afraid of these things blowing up.

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