Do people need to follow a specific set of practices to perform after completing the Hajj?


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Going on a pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the highlights in the life of a Muslim. Undertaking the journey to the Holy Land is a great deal and is a spiritually rewarding experience which is why people spend days, weeks, and months preparing for the journey. But when the pilgrimage has been completed, people return to their homes to once again be with family and friends, and to also return to their normal lives. recommends specific practices that pilgrims can do after the Hajj. The first thing you can do is to pray the Sunnah Qudum which is a prayer that you need to perform in two cycles. Another thing you can do is to pray for guests who will be visiting you after you’ve completed your pilgrimage. These people will be congratulating you, hearing your stories, and will also be asking about your experience. It’s a good thing to pray for them when you’re all gathered together. And when you do pray, don’t forget to add a note of motivation to spark enthusiasm and confidence among your guests.

Other practices you can do after the Hajj are listed in Umroh’s website. Check out to know more.

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