what kind of care does a rabbit need?


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It often happens that a pet appears in the house before information on how to care for it. Domestic rabbits are, by and large, not very whimsical pets. Nevertheless, in order for the rabbit to be good-looking, to please you with its activity and good mood, be sure to read the article How to Accommodate a Pet Rabbit: Best Indoor Rabbit Cage Reviews in 2020 . Cleanliness in your pet's home is one of the main conditions for the well-being of the animal and its tidy appearance. Make sure that no feed stays in the rabbit's feeder. This is especially true during a period when the rabbit's diet includes watermelons, zucchini, as well as other fresh fruits and vegetables. At room temperature, such food quickly deteriorates and begins to rot, emitting an unpleasant odor. To maintain the hygiene of the rabbit, it is necessary to use special care products for the cage, which are presented in a large assortment in the network of stores.Special odor eliminators allow you to maintain the necessary cleanliness and freshness in the rodent's home.

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