Was Albert Einstein Crazy?


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DON PERDUE answered
You can't really clarify him as crazy.he believed in parallel universes and believes in other life in other galaxies.he has seen the truth.think about it.he came to realize that his existence meant nothing in this universe.he just didnt care about his looks,hygiene,hair style, and I can say that when you know too much of something,it can make you a little crazy
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Absolutely not he was one of the best scientists the world has ever seen even if he was a little unorthodox lol. He did so many great things for science and so many incredible things for education, did you know he was one of two to develop the atomic bomb? Read his work he is a genius!
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He was a genius, but, in time he did go a bit insane

Mark Mottian
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Actually, Einstein was not actively involved in making the atomic bomb, but he was instrumental in facillatating its development by coming up with the equation E = MC^2.
Haley Witter
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Exactly. Unorthadox. Exactly.
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I do not know if he was crazy or not, because I was the one to ask this question... however from the answers above, I do not believe that he was crazy. hHe was just extremely smart, so everybody else called him crazy.

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No he was a smart man.

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We are all crazy at some point. We have abilities & disabilities.

He was a slow talker & learner. He couldn't remember names & numbers, he never learnt to drive on his own, but he was a genius of science, so many parts of today's science is progressing by his theories, the theories that not much people cared when he was alive.

And the stories you might have heard about not remembering his wife or his low memory in these subjects, it's normal, when you focus so strongly on one topic, the brain can't connect to other things.

And the meaning of the crazy that you looking for doesn't exist. All crazy humans that people call crazy aren't crazy, they become crazy because this is how people decided to look at them.

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May be he was or may be not. God knows better. But the thing we are sure of is that he did great stuff. Stuff that helped... Like brownian motion, photo electric effect , theory of relativity and much more.... The man recieved nobel prize in 1922 for his work in physics... How on earth could a crazy person do all that....everyone is innocent until proven guilty....
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Einstein was crazy!He was thought to be retarded by his neighbors for doing things you all would say were stupid.Crazy people are not stupid. Having a high IQ is almost a mental illness in itself. Many smart people wish they were not so smart so they could let their brain relax and live a normal life.Please edit your definition of crazy. Crazy people can accomplish things... If only people like you would stop not giving them a chance.I am 100% positive einstein would be on medication and washing dishes for a living in todays world.
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Actually.  I myself am completely nuts.  But, I'd say I'm a person like Einstein in how I think unorthodox and in imaginative ways.  People thought he was crazy just because he was a future thinking person.  Same for me.  And, actually, in Einstein's case, I'm pretty sure he actually had some small time crazy thing. Just like me.

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