What Is The Longest Pier On The East Coast?


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Apache Pier, Myrtle Beach SC  is the longest other than Naval piers on the east coast by far almost twice as long as the Daytona Beach Pier.   Google the map and then go to the Satellite view or Aerial View and check the scale of the map, and compare with the actual photos, SC has the longest pier on the east coast. Don't take my word for it. Look it up
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Lynnhaven Fishing Pier in Virginia Beach, VA is an all-wooden fishing pier at 1,480 feet in length, established in 1956 at 800 feet and lengthened after the Ash Wednesday Storm in 1962. Ocean View Pier is longer at 1,690 feet, but is a concrete pier. There are longer piers than Ocean View , but they are actually old bridges that have been converted to fishing piers after the bridges were closed. The Apache Campground wooden pier is 1,206 feet.

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That is Southend - a mile out into the Thames estuary.... The longest pier in the world...

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The Daytona Beach Pier also known as the Ocean Pier is the longest wooden pier on the east coast

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