What Is 1 Kilometer Run/walk?


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Obviously whether you run or walk for 1 kilometer is the same distance, so depending on how fast you run or walk will depend on the time it takes you to

1 kilometer is just over half a mile, so if you walked at a steady pace would probably take you around 10-15 minutes - so, if you ran this distance I would guess it would take you 5 minutes, but that's if you were to run non-stop.

If you about to start running as a fitness regime, there are things to take into consideration before you start.

• Your age and health for one, I would suggest you seek medical advice before you start.
• You need to start off gently and for short spurts. Increase your speed and distance gradually.
• If you want to lose weight then you will need to look at your diet too, with a healthy diet and regular exercise you will most definitely lose weight.
• Always have plenty of water to drink as you will perspire more, therefore will dehydrate quicker, especially in the summer months.
• Make sure you have the correct footwear - if you are not sure ask the retail assistant, if your footwear isn't right you could cause yourself damage.

Find a good location to run with lots of nice scenery - perhaps along a river or in a park, as running alone can be quite boring. If there is lots to look at it will
make the time go quickly.

Take an iPod or a CD player and run or walk to the music - this is a great for keeping motivated. You will notice in time you will become faster and be able to run for longer; who knows, you may even be running the next marathon!

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