How Did The US Get Florida?


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The U.S. Bought it from Spain in 1819.
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According to Archaeologist Florida had been colonized for thousands of years prior to any European settlements. Great Britain achieved control over Florida diplomatically in the year 1763 via Peace of Paris.    Britain put in efforts to build up Florida by the means of importing of immigrants for labour, but this scheme eventually failed. Spain once again obtained control over Florida after Britain was trounced by the American colonies. Eventually in the year 1819, on the basis of the Adams-Onis Treaty, Spain let go off Florida and gave its control to the United States in swap deal for the American renunciation of any claims on Texas, hence U.S. Got Florida.    In the year 1845, Florida was declared as the 27th state of the USA. Till the mid-twentieth century, Florida was said to be the least populated Southern State.

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