One Cent Equal To How Many Square Feet?


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The answer to your question would depend on whether you are referring to the term 'cent' as an Indian measurement of length or the US monetary value. For the purposes of this question I shall assume that we are talking about the conversion of the Indian length measurement of one cent and how it corresponds to square feet.
  • One cent Indian measurement
The cent measurement is widely used across India and one acre of land is equal to roughly 100 cents so one cent is one one-hundredth (1/100) of an acre. This is equal to 40.468 meters squared. This means that one cent is also equal to 48.4 square yards. One square yard is equal to nine square feet. Therefore to calculate one cent in square feet you would need to multiply the number of square yards (48.4) by nine (as this is the value needed to convert yards into feet). Therefore the calculation is 48.4 x 9 which is equal to 435.6 square feet exactly.
  • Cent measurement
The cent measurement for distance or length is especially popular in the south of India, but India in general adopts the cent as a standard length measurement. It is therefore possible that you will hear the term cent used as a measurement of length, especially within Asian countries or populations.
  • Other resources
For further help in calculating the conversion between cents and feet or yards, this website will allow you to convert cents into other measurements:

This is a handy internet tool for any further conversions you would like to do. Furthermore the Wikipedia page for the cent (unit) will give you some more information on the cent as a measurement, this can be found here:
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1 cent= 435.6 square feet
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Thank you. I'd never heard of a "cent" as a unit of area. The term "cent" usually means 1/100 of something. Apparently, as an area measure used in India, it is 1/100 of an acre. An acre being 43,560 ft^2, means a cent would be 435.6 ft^2 (exactly), as Guest1317631 has said.
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435.6 square feet
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The present US penny of the Lincoln Memorial design is 19.05 mm (.75 inch) in diameter. That makes it
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