Where Is The Shorthand Typing Test?


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This link provides an option for a shorthand typing test:
There are other online sites that provide free typing tests. It is best to search for them using the keywords free, shorthand, typing, and test. You can also locate these various sites by using a search engine to locate typing lessons. The following links provide typing lessons that test your skills:
The last URL is most likely the best for all sorts of typing tests. It is a free site you can register for in order to keep track of your typing skills. They offer beginner, intermediate, advanced, and specialty courses. They also have premium lessons, certifications, news headline exercises, and much more.
The above site might be something else for you to use. The site provides lessons in shorthand, although some of the content requires a fee.
This site has a shorthand typing test in the form of a kid's game. You may or may not be able to find it, but at least there are quite a few possibilities to look through for typing tests on the site.
Some of the other sites found for shorthand typing tests require a free download. It is up to you whether you trust the download or not. You should always use caution when downloading anything from the Internet, since you do not know where or how it was created. You may download a file that is dangerous to your computer without realizing it. It is always preferable to find something you do not have to download and save.

If all the above options are unsuitable for you, you may also be able to find a software program at a local computer store that will have a shorthand typing test.
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