How Do Pistol Guns Work? Are The Bullets Reusable?


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Pistol can refer to a revolver, a multi barrel or semi-automatics. A revolver works on the bases of a spring based design that makes the cylinder that holds the rounds revolve every time the trigger is pulled. Pistols or semi automatics comprise three distinct parts; the slide, the frame and the handle. The rounds or bullets are held in the clip or magazine that is located in the handle. There is a spring located at the bottom of the magazine that keeps pushing the rounds upwards. The first round has to be cocked into the chamber by pulling the slide back. All subsequent rounds enter the chamber automatically when a round is fired. The slide is pushed back due to the recoil of the gun. This action also ejects the empty shell.

Bullets are not reusable after being fired, but the spent shell casing can be refilled and reused. It will need a new bullet (usually of lead or copper), gunpowder, and primer.

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