How Does A Fermentation Apparatus Work?


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The practice of fermentation is a vital process in the industry. Although fermentation can have more precise definitions, when talking about Industrial fermentation, it is a looser term referring to the breakdown of organic materials into simpler materials. Kind of a paradox in itself, fermenting culture in the industry usually refers to a highly oxygenated growth state, whereas fermentation, bio chemically speaking, it is only an anaerobic procedure.

Pasteurised milk gets fermented by the bacteria called as Lactobacillus that works best at forty degrees Celsius. It works on the lactose present in milk to curdle and form curds. An enzyme called rennin is added to milk with the bacteria to help the milk to curdle more than it would with plain bacteria. The curds and the fatty part is then extracted from the liquid part of the milk and is pressed to make cheese.

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