What Is The System Analyst Approach Sequence To Solve A Problem?


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A system analyst is responsible for examining and estimating user requirements for computer systems. He is assigned as a resource person on a project team in which his or chief responsibility will be to analyze and evaluate user requirements. He may also be appointed as a co-coordinator of a special project.

Faced with an issue or otherwise, a system analyst spends more than 50 percent of his incumbent time in consultation. He will chart out requirements; make a ball park figure of man power requirements to work with the systems. He will schedule project work and adherence. He will lay down the design of new and revised computer solutions. After devising computer solutions, he has to focus on getting specialized manpower or training employees at the same or junior level so that they gain the relevant expertise to work with the systems. He may even have to provide technical assistance to programmers working on the computer systems.

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