How Is Liquid Oxygen Made?


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Liquid oxygen is made by cooling the gas which transforms it into a liquid form. The air around us that we breathe is the oxygen. Air comprises vastly off nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%).

Nitrogen gas is changed to a liquid state by cooling it to -196 degrees C. Oxygen turns into liquid at a slightly higher temperature which is -183 C. To get these gases down to such low temperatures, the air is compressed and cooled. When it is made to expand again, the temperature falls down further. Repeating this process many times makes the air cool down to 312 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid formed is a combination of nitrogen and oxygen. In order to separate the oxygen, the liquid is heated up just enough for the nitrogen to get converted back into gas which leaves only the liquid oxygen.
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But how is it compressed? I would like to make a machine that will help me create liquid rocket fuel. Ill be using a homemade HHO generator to split the water, but then I need to turn the 2 gasses into liquid Hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Anybody know?

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