How Many Feet Equal 1 Mile?


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There are 5,280 feet within one mile. A mile is a unit of length that is used in a number of different systems. In modern English, a mile generally refers to the statute mile, which equates to the amount of feet that I outlined above. This is also the same as 1,760 yards, and 1,609 meters. There is also the United States survey mile, which is equivalent to 5,280 US survey feet. The mile is around one third of the older measurement, the league, and is sometimes also known as a nautical mile. A nautical mile is actually 1,852 meters and 6,076feet in length. The nautical mile is used for navigation and aerial purposes.

The modern use of the mile as a measurement is often thought to be confined to the United States, but it is used incredibly often in the United Kingdom. You will struggle to find anywhere else in the world that uses the mile as a common unit of measurement. There are many kinds of miles, including historical miles and some similar units that are translated to miles in English, which vary between 1 and fifteen kilometers.

In the past there have been many abbreviations for a mile, too. This is with and without the trailing period. These abbreviations include mi, ml, m and M. In the United States of America, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has now decided to use (and recommend) the use of 'mi' as an abbreviation in every day terms - at least, in the United Kingdom and the United States. Units such as miles per gallon and miles per hour, which are of course used in the US and the UK, are always abbreviated to mpg and mph as opposed to the abbreviations mi/h and mi/gal.
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5280 feet
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5280...come on here's the answer that I'm giving to you all. It the right answer trust me...kay
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5280 feet
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The formula is as follows;

1 foot = 0.000189393939 miles


35 000 feet = 6.62878788 miles and

40 000 feet = 7.57575758 miles

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First you need to know if it's Coast to Coast or City to City!
Then the dia. Of the Earth, plus 35,000 feet times Pi, that equals the circumference in feet!
Now you figure the cir. At sea level is what % of that!
Then what is the % of the higher cir, using that %, and you have your answer!
In reality the distance to and from altitude should be in there too!
AM I doing your home work? NO!
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A foot or plural feet is a non-SI unit of distance or length, measuring around a third of a metre. It is also a unit of measurement and is more commonly used in United States. The size of the foot also changes from system to system but the most commonly used foot is the international foot which is made of 12 inches or 36 centimetres.

Mile is also a unit of length and distance but considerably very large than a foot. It is equal to 1760 yards. A yard is made up of 3 feet. Therefore a mile will be equal to 5280 feet approximately. A foot is a measurement used for small lengths and distances while miles and kilo miles are used to measure large lengths and distances.

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