I Want To Calculate My Height In Feet/inches As My Height Is 163 Cm?


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It is easy to convert your height from centimetres to inches:
1 centimetre = 0.4 inches
Thus 163 inches = 163x0.4 = 65.2 inches

If you want to convert it to feet it is:
1 inch = 0.083 feet
So therefore 65.2 inches into feet will be:
(65.2 x 0.0833) = 5.43
This is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches

The Imperial system of measures and weights was originally founded in England. Examples of Imperial measures are:
Length; yards, feet, inches
Area: Acres, square feet
Weight: Ounces and pounds
Volume: Gallons and fluid ounces

The Metric System has replaced the Imperial System in nearly all countries except the USA, the UK, Burma and Liberia. All the road signs in these countries are still in inches, feet, yards and miles. A person weighs themselves in pounds and stones. The UK is actually a Metric-Imperial society. People here buy fuel for their car in litres, but will still say MPG (miles per gallon). Official recordings have to be written down in kilograms, though they still use pounds and stones for any weight measurement. Foods can be bought in ounces and pounds and also Metric. Only draught beer and road signs are measured in the Imperial system, pints and miles.

France first adopted the Metric system in 1799. This system has developed and changed since it was started, but the basic features of the system remain constant. It was originally developed to be used as a universal system for all people everywhere. The system uses decimal multiples and prefixes. The Metric system is a scientific measurement.
Mass: Tonne, kilogram and gram
Area: Hectare, metre, millimetre
Volume: Litre
Time: Minute and hour
Pressure: Bar

Milli:   Latin for ‘thousand’
Centi:   Latin for ‘hundred’
Deci:   Latin for ‘ten’
Deca:   Greek for ‘ten’
Hecto:    Greek for ‘hundred’
Kilo:   Greek for ‘thousand’
Myria:   Greek for ‘ten thousand’
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You can easily convert your height in centimeters to inches.
1 centimeter = 0.4 inches
Therefore 163 inches = 163 × 0.4 = 65.2 inches
Now let’s convert it into feet
1 inch = 0.083 feet
so 65. 2 inches into feet are:
(65.2 × 0.0833) = 5.43
or approximately five feet and five inches
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