Can A Growth On The Pancreas Cause The Body To Produce Too Much Insulin?


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Yes. There are insulin producing tumors, called insulin oma
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This is a query that can be best answered only by medical experts. A layperson with fragmentary knowledge about medicine and diseases cannot answer this question and rid you of your doubts. Hence the best way is to consult a doctor and ask for his expert opinion and guidance. I would also suggest you to pay attention to this problem as soon as possible and not delay it because then it may develop into further health complications.

You can also try reading various health magazines and books to see if you can get a clue as to our condition but nothing can be better than the advice of an expert medicinal practitioner. There are several websites which can offer you a chance to air your queries and then you would be given an answer by a doctor but I cannot assure you of the credibility of all these sites.

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