Cite A Time You Exercised Proper Business Ethics. What Was The Result?


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There are many occasions when proper business ethics are exercised by organisations and commercial firms which consider themselves socially responsible and viable. Most financial organisations value their investors as a way of exercising ethics in their business. They call this the Human Capital Value. By considering people as their prime asset, businesses around the world scale their way to success. People of the organisation may include employees, investors, stakeholders, contractors and suppliers. However, in this age of global competition and limits, modern businessmen believe that ethics do not help the business to succeed and prosper, but limits it's resources. The new business age has given birth to a new set of business ethics which are in the best interest of the business itself, these ethics include: valuing diversity, distributed power, reality testing etc. These ethics are further known to be global ethics.
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Ma. Alexandrina Buendia
In the United KingdomIR35 is a tax system that seeks to target to curb tax avoidance by people who offer services to clients through an intermediate party. Here are 3 simple means on how to deterrmine if your contract passes IR35.

For people operating on their own accounts in business, here is a guideline on how to know whether IR35 applies or does not apply to you as a contractor;

-If the client controls how the contractor performs tasks assigned, then it may not pass the IR35.

-When a contractor is dealing with a client, there should be no any employment statement that should require the contractor to be the one always present for all the tasks.

-If the contractor has to always take assignments from the contractor with no excuses, then that contract fails the IR35 test.

to know more about the IR35 system in UK, ir35 calculators site will be a good source to read.

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