Are There Any Alternatives To The Use Of Pesticides?


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From some of the garden shows I watch you can use different bugs and certain herbs and mixtures of natural foods ..I think I watched the show on pbs this master gardener only uses natural remedies for protecting his garden and lawn. I believe he even has  a book out/for sale on the different mixtures and where to use them.
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Yes. One is the use of insects that eat other insects considered harmful. Pest-controlling insects are many, such as ladybugs, praying mantises, lacewing flies and trichogramma wasps.
In Kansas, certain crops were being destroyed by green bugs, so farmers imported large quantities of ladybugs from breeders. After six weeks, the ladybugs had brought the green bugs under control. One large user of ladybugs reported that the green bugs were almost completely controlled within two days. And the ladybugs were not a threat to crops.
Other alternatives include growing strains of plants more resistant to insects; insect-sterilization techniques; mechanical controls; inter planting of crops; use of sprays made from organic materials such as onions, garlic, mint and others. The more we observe her methods, the more we come to understand that the insect is Nature's censor in destroying unwanted vegetation. Control of insect pests is possible in any number of ways, without resorting to the use of poison sprays and chemicals. Plants strongly attacked by insects are often nutritionally unbalanced.
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Fry some tomatoes, season in salt and pepper, chop finely and scatter across lawn or crops, it will attract insects and then they will stick, remove the tomatoes and your lawn will be pest free!
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