How Come Latin Isn't Spoken Anywhere Today (besides In Vatican City)?


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Latin is not spoken anywhere today because, like Old English, or Old German, it has been replaced by Italian, as an everyday language.
Latin is still used to categorise the scientific, medical, botanical and animal worlds, however, but it is not spoken in The Vatican either, I'm afraid to tell you, but the mass conducted in the catholic churches around the world was written in Latin, and is still used.
Monuments still have Latin on the engravings
The Roman Empire was the power that dominated the world,
and the lingua franca of that time was Latin.
When the Roman empire fell, Koine Greek replaced it ,as this was what the new testament of the Bible was presented in. English has now become the lingua franca that is used all around the world, and Italian is spoken in Italy.
However both English and Italian, contain a large percentage of words that originate from Latin, even today.
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Technically Latin is spoken in one other country besides Vatican City, and that's Finland.

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